Ingpuls Smart Shadings

Smart shading solutions based on Shape memory alloys

Ingpuls Smart Shadings develops intelligent shading solutions based on shape memory alloys. These innovative solutions can be used in modern buildings, public spaces (e.g. also in outdoor facilities) or private buildings. They combine an elegant and slim design with a silent and energy-efficient drive.

What we do

Why shading solutions?

Climate change presents people with a global challenge. Temperatures are rising and with them the need to protect buildings from heating up. This is done, for example, with the help of air conditioning systems, which require a lot of energy and even generate heat at the same time, which increases the greenhouse effect.

Shading solutions protect buildings even before they heat up, so that less energy is required to cool them. With our innovative shading solutions, we are helping to achieve the adopted EU target of reducing the electricity consumption of air conditioning systems by 60% by 2050.



Private customers

In the private sector, intelligent shading solutions are implemented in the interiors of apartments and houses as well as outdoors, e.g. on terraces, in courtyards or around windows.

Industrial customers

In industry, shading solutions help with glazed industrial halls as well as in the outdoor areas of hotels, terraces or beer gardens.

Public spaces

Smart shading systems are also useful in public spaces. The areas of application are diverse, e.g. in streets and parks, on squares or promenades as well as at events or correspondingly comparable areas.


Ingpuls Smart Shadings becomes part of the ZERAF project

Ingpuls Smart Shadings, a spin-off of Ingpuls GmbH, becomes a partner of the ZERAF project together with INDRESMAT, Active Insulation System B.V, Eindhoven University of Technology and and Eurac Reserach as consortium leader. The ZERAF project is one of 57 cutting-edge technology projects selected in the European Innovation Council’s Pathfinder Open campaign.

Ingpuls Insight Talk presents:

More about the company and our solutions

In comparison

Conventional solutions vs. Ingpuls Smart Shadings

Ingpuls Smart Shadings develops intelligent shading solutions that shade the room silently, smartly and with an elegant design. These are self-sufficient systems that do not require additional control units.

Conventional solutions

  • less dynamic during activation
  • noisy, e.g. when using electric motors
  • are often heavier
  • require more energy

The product

The advantages of Ingpuls Smart Shadings

Less installation space

Economical energy consumption

Low noise

No electric motors

Low cost

Slim design

SMA functional material

Easy assembly

Flexible installation



As a subsidiary of Ingpuls GmbH, Ingpuls Smart Shadings uses customized shape memory alloys manufactured exclusively by Ingpuls. This means:
  • Expert status in the field of shape memory alloys
  • Exclusivity on the market
  • Extensive know-how in all aspects of realization and application
  • Individual production of the systems, adapted to the needs and wishes of the customers
For the opportunity to invest in the future with Ingpuls Smart Shadings, please do not hesitate to contact us?